A trusted name in the construction industry & other businesses for the following:
1- Your (if you are a trading company) purchase of construction machinery of all types for trading & selling to your clients.
2- Your (if you are in the machinery renting business) purchase of construction machinery for renting out to your clients.
3- Your (if you are an end user) purchase of construction machinery for your own or contracted projects.
4- For the purchase of Automotive of all kinds ranging from Cars, SUVS, Vans, 4WD Jeeps, Mini Buses, Passenger buses, Trucks of all kinds.


To our partners/counterparts we wish a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2022
We thank you for your kind support during the last few years and shall be looking forward to get the same in this year.

Stocklist / Available Machines

Note: We update our listings in PDF format on weekly basis, for new stock/available machines kindly download the below files.

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